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Grease trap servicing and cleaning - how often is the schedule?


Grease trap cleaning: If you are opening (or of course already operate)a cafe, restaurant or business handling a lot of food and cooking, you will almost certainly need to arrange cleaning of your grease trap. A grease trap (also known as a grease interceptor, a grease converter or a grease recovery device) is an effective plumbing tool used to prevent large amounts of grease or solids from entering the wastewaster disposal system.


Depending on your business type - you may need to have your grease trap serviced between 6 and 2 times a year. The frequency is mandated by the relevant water authorities in your region. See the info page at Sydney Water (covering metro Sydney) for coverage of this. The schedule is decided by these authorities so you do not need to shop around for varying info.


If you have a 1500 or say 3000 litre trap, that amount will be collected when the trap is cleaned - i.e. a service will not clean a proportion of the grease trap.

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